Interior design – how to decorate kids’ bedroom

When decorating kids’ bedroom it doesn’t mean that you have to shrimp on style. You have vast amount of choice and so many creative ideas to make the room of your...

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Decorating advice for your bedroom

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Decorate Your Bedroom

Decorating advice for your bedroom

Bedroom is as essential part of home. It should be best organized and most comfortable part of the house. If you are low on budget and can’t decide from where to start from, think no further, that’s the room you want to upgrade the most. Nothing will cost you more than a restless night so make your bedroom into what it deserves to be. In this article we will go over some decorating tricks you can use to improve your bedroom.

First thing you want to do is pile on the pillows. They are comfortable and great for decoration. Don’t be shy to use more than just one pattern, try to mix up a bit, combine large print with small ones, different textures, different patterns, it will all add up to how your bedroom looks and feels like. If you’re worried about all that empty space on the walls and your room feels cold, hang a graphic quilt. Complementary bed linens will pull the decor together.

In order for your bed to look good, don’t just place a white sheet over it, a printed bedspread with distinctive design will do a lot when it comes to decor.

If you have a small bedroom, nightstands and lamps affixed to walls will save you a lot of space. Furthermore painting a small room into a brighter color and adding a big bed will make your bedroom seem larger than it is.
Your bedroom should express your personality, so if you don’t feel like it, don’t follow the mainstream, make your room off balance if that’s what you like, or even asymmetrical.
Your bed should be extra comfortable, to achieve this you can top your bed with covers made for snuggling and for total indulgence choose ultra soft eiderdown.
Every bedroom should have a focal point and to achieve that you can use a beautiful piece of furniture angled into the room.
You should always keep scale in mind, so don’t go buying a huge lamp if you have a small bed and the other way around.
When buying a lamp for your bedroom, make sure that its flexible and adjustable to your will, multi watt bulb too so you adjust it for reading or relaxation whenever you please.

Bedroom is not just a bed and a nightstand, pay attention to the floor as well. Introduce a rug with a cheery yellow color that will cheer up the room. For most bedrooms a four by six foot rug by the bed should be ideal. Other than that you could introduce a corner seat chair that will make an instant resting spot and even hang thick silk drapes to turn your room into a cocoon. When decorating your nightstand maybe mix in offbeat pieces for an eclectic look. Mix it up and don’t be afraid to match unlike pieces.

In the end it is your bedroom and it’s only up to you how it will look and feel like so decorate it as you see fit, no matter what others think.

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Ideas for decorating a bathroom

Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Decorate Your Bedroom

Decorating the bathroom does not have to be a big expense. With a bit of creative ideas each bathroom can get a new interesting look and be visually larger.

The easiest way to rearrange an old and unattractive bathroom is to paint the tiles. In specialized stores like Ferugson, you can buy a matched system components, which are consisted of a substrate and the nail plate. Before repainting the mandatory thoroughly clean the tiles. Varnish is not resistant to silicone and you should use knife to scratch the gaps around the edges of the paved surface, and in that way you will do the treatment of the removal of silicone.

Prior to the beginning of works, insulate the surrounding area, and the mass of the substrate mix according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You should use brush and go over the edges and corners, and then use tile primer sponge roller. Varnish is applied in two layers – the first in diagonal, horizontal and vertical motion. The second coat is applied and 12 hours later in the same manner. After painting, the joints are sealed again.

Old bathrooms are mostly tiled from floor to ceiling. To break that sterility “ceramic department”, which interferes with the desire for relaxation, you can use the pot plants. Most of them are not succeeding in the bathroom, because all that fumes released when showering or bathing provides additional moisture. Also, the room must be lighted. If this is not the case with your bathroom, the same effect can be achieved with artificial flowers.

Bright colors on the floors and walls will visually make the bathroom bigger likewise bright details will. Therefore utensils, towels and other items in the bathroom should be bright colors. If you live in the LA area, check out these great bathroom ideas by Pasadena interior designer Anna Shiwlall. The mirrors on opposite sides of the walls, arranged so that they can reflect each other, will make the bathroom spacious. Glass gives the illusion of more space and, if it is possible, change the windows and be sure to set higher window.
Use an artificial lighting point to specific places in the bathroom and thus create a visually interesting space. Fluorescent lights make the ceiling seem lower. Although they provide good lighting it is not recommended for excessive use of this type of lighting in the bathroom, because it can quickly heat up a small space.

All unnecessary items throw out of your small bathroom. Take corners for installation of hanging racks and shelves on the walls where you can hold cosmetics. Although the bathroom must always be neat and clean, it does not mean that all the things you have to hide in the cupboard. Carefully selected details, like perfume on a glass shelf, seem to be very effective. Construction cut customs are often cheaper than the furniture purchased in the salon. On them you can set the glass tiles that will niches in the bathroom more attractive. With little details and furniture, bathroom is rapidly losing the character of wet cells. Just try to be creative as much as possible.

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Interior design – how to decorate kids’ bedroom

Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 in Decorating Children's Bedrooms

Interior design – how to decorate kids’ bedroom

When decorating kids’ bedroom it doesn’t mean that you have to shrimp on style. You have vast amount of choice and so many creative ideas to make the room of your children nice, fanny and in the same time relaxing and practical for work. But you shouldn’t neglect their ideas because they are important, you will give them the trust of the choice and in that way your kids will respect you more. After all, they will be living there.

1. Choose a theme for a bedroom

Set up a basic theme that you will use for decoration. Based on children’s likes, you can easily decide how to improve it. Keep in mind one thing, your children won’t stay small forever, so the best solution would be if you could find middle in that, give them one corner of the room to use for their theme, but the other part should stay in more serious tone.

2. Use lot of storage place

Put into the room large wardrobe, coat racks and buckets for their toys, this will help room stay more organized and cleaner. Small children tend to create mess, so the best choice would be to avoid that by creating lot of disposal place. Maybe for starts you can use accommodation at their height, so they can manage it easier and in the same time you will be creating their working habits when they have to clean their room.

3. Give them interesting bed

When buying a bed you must pay attention on its comfort not only on its beauty. Bed is important tool for their development. Kids need good and healthy rest. You can buy them interesting theme bed based on their likes, but you should choose the mattress that is comfortable and which will provide them relaxing long night sleep.

4. Set up a corner for their hobbies

It is important that from the small age you encourage kids on creativity. Give them one place of the room that will be truly theirs. Fix them up with a school board where they can draw, or make them small billboard on the wall where they can put postcards or sticker, remember children like to collect, so it would be nice to have a place where to hang that. You can install a shelf where they can put all their games so they won’t be scattered all over the place.

5. Buy them vivid carpet

When it comes to buying a carper, you can’t go wrong here, there are so many of them, in different colors and shapes, that you won’t be able to make up your mind. Make their room more interesting; buy them a carpet with a print of their favorite hero.

6. Accommodate the color of the kids’ room

Don’t make their room too colorful; combine two colors so you don’t reduce the space too much. You can use two shades of the same color or use combination of two different colors that match. This is on you and on your kids and what colors makes more relaxing and joyful.

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