RGB LED Technology

RGB LED Technology

LED lighting is a common sight to see in many homes, offices and industrial spaces. Designed to provide effective light and to lower the energy consumption level, LED showed right from the start that the time of a classic light bulb is slowly coming to an end. LED technology develops as we speak and brings us to new levels of light quality and energy efficiency. There are many colors LED technology can recreate, whether as a single LED or a combination of a few. RGB technology is a way to create different colors using the basic three – Red, Green, and Blue.

Color mixing

A single LED unit only emits one kind of monochromatic light. These are the three primary colors: red, green and blue. Hence the RGB acronym. These three combine to create many other colors. It is called RGB color mixing. Seven basic colors can be created easily, just by controlling the switch of the channel for each of the primary colors (red, green, blue). If we want a color other than the basic 7, we have to manipulate the brightness of a specific primary color and not only switch it on or off.

A common technique to achieve this kind of color control is PWM. Here we can utilize the cycle duty range to determine the level of brightness. The choice of colors grows with the choice of brightness levels. RGB color mixing technology is common in outdoor decoration lighting, in home lighting solutions, in stage designs and display matrixes. Recently, it has been introduced to LED projectors and backlighting.

RGB LED types

Multi-color white LEDs come in a few major types. These are the dichromatic, trichromatic and tetrachromatic white LEDs. They differ in several factors which include color rendering capabilities, color stability, and luminous efficacy. High-efficiency LEDs will often show lower color rendering possibilities. They are a compromise between color rendering and luminous efficacy.

For instance, a dichromatic LED shows the best results in luminous efficacy, but have the lowest color rendering results. Their „older“ brother, the tetrachromatic LED will show excellent color rendering, but luminous efficacy is compromised. Trichromatic are placed in between, acting as a middle ground between the two.


LED lights and RGB LEDs are most commonly used as status and power indicators in various electronic devices and machines. However, they are becoming a common solution for home lighting as well. RGB LEDs are very adaptable and customizable, providing a myriad of home lighting solutions, from different colors to levels of brightness.

Another new and popular way to use the RGB LEDs are the RGB LED rings. These stylish rings are great because they can change color and produce many lighting effects. They often combine with motion detectors or other sensors. Digital signs are another area where RGB LEDs are put to excellent use. Here, these useful diodes play a key role to display images over large surfaces. Signs like these often come with a wi-fi connection.

Smart LED lights

Smart LED lights

Forget about your old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. They were so yesterday. Switch to LED ASAP and do yourself and the world a favor. You will not only save precious energy; you will reduce your electric bill. Plus, no more cable running around your furniture. Modern LEDs are wi-fi equipped, meaning you can turn them on and off using a remote control device. Yeah, we meant your smartphone.

LEDs are excellent because they give you both white light and colored light. You also have the option to bring the brightness level up or down or set up a color mood lighting. What is more, all it takes is to run and app on your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet.

Buying advice

As we mentioned above, LED lights consume much less electricity for the same light output. They also give out much less heat and can last for much longer. But, we will agree, we all love the smart lighting feature. You can have the option to set different intensities of light in different parts of the house and create a beautiful, almost artistic effect. And you can control all of this from your smartphone. You can also set it to turn on at a specific time. If you hate the loud alarm on your phone that wakes you up in the morning, you can use the gentle light of the LED to bring you up from your slumber slowly. IF you like, feel free to connect them to your speakers for some music.

However, LED lighting has its downsides. It is still quite expensive when compared to the technology it is meant to replace, the traditional incandescent bulbs. You should do your homework and do all the math to calculate how long will it take to return your investment through a reduced electricity bill. It is up to you to calculate and see what the acceptable period you will have to wait out is. Of course, the more you spend now, the quicker the investment return will be. Furthermore, LED lights to come in various levels of quality. The old saying goes that you get what you pay for and this certainly applies for LED bulbs. If you want top performance when it comes to brightness and coverage, you will have to open up your wallet. Our advice is to opt for the best brands. Yes, they are more expensive, but you get much better performance, longevity, and quality. Also, they usually include a very decent warranty period. Be careful to check that the LEDs you choose for your home will work with a particular transformer device. A good return policy is practical in this case.

Home Use

For home use, you should check the color temperature and brightness options. 2700-300K will give you a warm white light. Going higher will produce cooler looking lights, and lower values will give you warmer effect. Brightness is measured in lumens, so take care to find the light bulb which produces greater lumen levels than the ones you already have.

The Advantage Of Dimmer Switches And Motions Sensors

The Advantage Of Dimmer Switches And Motions Sensors

If you are the person that likes to have a light in your home but hates when the light is too strong or opposite, then we have a solution for you. Thanks to dimmers you can lower the brightness of the light, which turned out to be great solutions. If you are asking yourself how this system works, we have the answer. By changing the voltage waveform applies to the lamp, this way you have the possibility to lower the intensity of the light output.

Why people use more and more dimmers?

First of all, the necessity for the lighting depends to the Sun, and the intensity of the Sun depends on the part of a day. As the Sun goes down your need to have more lighting is bigger. That is why it is very useful to have the possibility to lower or increase the intensity of your LED lighting. Thanks to LED-dimmers you are now able to perform this.

Why are dimmers so useful?

First of all, with dimmers, you will save a lot of energy, which reflect to your entire budget. You will stop wasting your energy and money on the light in the moments that no one needs it in such a great amount. Second, you will save your eyes. By adjusting the lighting, you will save your sight. Your eyes are very sensitive, and you need to save them. It is also important when you want to relax and make the atmosphere in your house calming and relaxing. It is scientifically proved that the lighting and the sound affect your mood and behavior more than we thing.

Motions sensors as a smart solution for your home

If you want to relax when you are at home, and you do not want to worry about the energy and the lighting, then motions solutions are just what you need. We live very fast, and we do not have time to thing and worry about everything. How many times have you forgotten to turn off the light or your TV? This solution is made to think instead of you and for you. Devices are programmed to save energy, and they know that you are not using a device and therefore it shut it down instead of you. It is an ideal solution for large houses.

Smart houses for modern people

In modern time we have houses that understand our needs and feel us completely. Everything is connected with our habits, and eventually, our house becomes our best friend. It can protect us and even spoiled us at the same time. More and more people choose these solutions. It is a combination of dual technology motion sensors is the reflective type, ultrasonic and a lot of others. These houses are made to feel something that a human eye cannot see and understand. They are perfect for security system and its main purpose to detect a burglar and uninvited guest.

Benefits Of Wireless Lighting System

Benefits Of Wireless Lighting System

Technology is developing on a daily basis and constantly improving. The same is with LED lighting. Customers started to complain about wires; nobody wants to have a net of wires in their house. After a thorough research Had led lighting companies realized how important is to create something that will replace wires. Thanks to modern technology nowadays we have so many options. First of all, they invented wireless keyboards; mouse and eventually they implemented this principle to LED lighting systems. We can enjoy the light and not have a single wire in the house.

How to turn everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience?

Thanks to wireless options lighting became a game, and you can enjoy its power and its magical moments whenever you want. Everything is remotely, and you cannot afford a spoil a moment, you can only improve it. The LED lighting is not just a lighting anymore; it can help you energize, read, relax or concentrate. Scientist proved that the lighting combined with music could really help you to improve your work. You will become more creative and relaxed ready for everyday tasks. It is the best for people who work from home. A human being needs some change in his daily routine, and if you work from home, you need to make it. Even artificial change is better than no change at all.

How can wireless lighting simplify your life?

LED lightning lets you control the appearance of your home even when you are not there. It can welcome you or make an impression that you are at home even when you are not and this way stops burglar entering your house. You can also make your home look prettier and more comfortable to your everyday activities. You can make a paradise in your backyard. Here everything is about simplifying your life.

Touch sensor as your personal advantage

We have mobile phones improved with the touch screen, and even our lap-tops became touch sensitive, so it is normal to implement this technology to your LED lighting. Who wants to have buttons in a touch world? It didn’t just improve the function of LED lighting it helped us to improve design, and now you can have your lighting inside of everything, as a part of your furniture or walls for example. The best thing is that you can control it when you are not at your home. You forgot to turn on the light, and you have already left, do not worry, use your application and enlighten your house like the whole family is there. This way you are protecting your house from burglars. Once you try it, you will never be able to imagine your life without it. It will help you to be more organized and relaxed at the same time. You can install all kind of lighting and tuned it on whenever you need birthdays, New Year’s Eve and others. This way you will save a lot of time and be prepared for every situation.

The Best Choice Of LED Lighting For Your House

The Best Choice Of LED Lighting For Your House

Do you want to make your dream house and to enjoy sitting on your porch during the evening time? We have solutions for you. LED lighting is the most used recently, and it is more and more popular as the time passes by. More and more people use it to decorate their house or yard, especially during the summer time or winter holidays.

How to make your yard look magical?

The best things during summer times are summer evenings. Sitting on your porch, drinking tea or whatever you prefer and looking into stars can be amazing, but what if you want more if you want to enjoy your yard as well. How to enlighten it and make it magical? Here is the part where you should use LED lighting. The best thing about LED lights is the fact that you can get it in different shapes, amounts or power.

How important is the position of your LED lights?

The position and the place where you are going to put lights are more important that you thing. If you want to make it romantic, you need to place it just in dark corners, and you will achieve to enlighten your place enough but still not too much. You can combine it with the shapes of your stars for example or the shape of your pool. You can also decorate your tree if you prefer the more natural look and like to enjoy the nature. There is millions solutions solution you can apply to your home. If you want to use your space the best you should hire professionals that will also offer you maintenance, so you do not have to worry if the light turns off suddenly. Everything is under warranty.

Outdoor parties are always a great idea!

There is no better party than summer parties. You are tired of closed space, and you want to enjoy the stars. With the new types of garden LED lighting you can make these parties even better. If you are a student, you can rent an old cheap house and make it look outstanding with the lighting. This way you will achieve the great effect at a very descent price, and everybody will be amazed how great you made the party. Even if we are talking about lighting here, we want to tell you how lighting is perfect to hide all the flaws of an old house. You can enlighten what you want to enhance and to hide what you do not want to show. Once you realized the power of the lighting, you will never stop using it, especially nowadays when you have so many options, and you can control it with mobile applications, remotely. There is no better way to surprise somebody than these effects, where you control the whole situation, and you can turn off the light at the desired moment. You can also leave everything to a professional team, and they will do everything instead of you and for you.