Smart LED lights

Smart LED lights

Forget about your old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. They were so yesterday. Switch to LED ASAP and do yourself and the world a favor. You will not only save precious energy; you will reduce your electric bill. Plus, no more cable running around your furniture. Modern LEDs are wi-fi equipped, meaning you can turn them on and off using a remote control device. Yeah, we meant your smartphone.

LEDs are excellent because they give you both white light and colored light. You also have the option to bring the brightness level up or down or set up a color mood lighting. What is more, all it takes is to run and app on your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet.

Buying advice

As we mentioned above, LED lights consume much less electricity for the same light output. They also give out much less heat and can last for much longer. But, we will agree, we all love the smart lighting feature. You can have the option to set different intensities of light in different parts of the house and create a beautiful, almost artistic effect. And you can control all of this from your smartphone. You can also set it to turn on at a specific time. If you hate the loud alarm on your phone that wakes you up in the morning, you can use the gentle light of the LED to bring you up from your slumber slowly. IF you like, feel free to connect them to your speakers for some music.

However, LED lighting has its downsides. It is still quite expensive when compared to the technology it is meant to replace, the traditional incandescent bulbs. You should do your homework and do all the math to calculate how long will it take to return your investment through a reduced electricity bill. It is up to you to calculate and see what the acceptable period you will have to wait out is. Of course, the more you spend now, the quicker the investment return will be. Furthermore, LED lights to come in various levels of quality. The old saying goes that you get what you pay for and this certainly applies for LED bulbs. If you want top performance when it comes to brightness and coverage, you will have to open up your wallet. Our advice is to opt for the best brands. Yes, they are more expensive, but you get much better performance, longevity, and quality. Also, they usually include a very decent warranty period. Be careful to check that the LEDs you choose for your home will work with a particular transformer device. A good return policy is practical in this case.

Home Use

For home use, you should check the color temperature and brightness options. 2700-300K will give you a warm white light. Going higher will produce cooler looking lights, and lower values will give you warmer effect. Brightness is measured in lumens, so take care to find the light bulb which produces greater lumen levels than the ones you already have.